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Reasons to choose us to deal with your case

Reasons to instruct this firm….


Experience of winning cases

We have won lots of cases. Click the link below to read a selection of our many successful clients.


Lawyers with proven track record

We have lawyers with high success rates. Click the link below to read about one lawyer on the Gold service who won all his cases over a 3 year period and 100% success rate in 2022.


We will push to get the case dropped

Many firms wait until the conclusion of the case to fight your case and let the Judge decide. We don’t wait for the trial. Where the opportunity arises, our reviewing lawyers will make written representations to the prosecution to get the case dropped to minimise the stress and cost of the case. This is how we achieve a substantial proportion of our successful cases. Click the link to read about 18 cases discontinued over 25 days.


Legal aid firm vs Specialist firm

Most lawyers aren’t trained in procedure defences or case management tactics yet this is how around 90% of our successful clients keep their licence. High street and legal aid lawyers adopt a very simplistic tick box approach as they lack experience and will tell you it’s a waste of time trying to fight the case. It will be difficult to avoid a driving ban with a high street or legal aid lawyer when they don’t know the most common way to defend drink driving charges.


We are Genuine Specialists

We are unique in England and Wales as the only solicitors who do nothing but drink driving related cases. Lots of other firms call themselves specialists but they actually do other motoring offences as well. You can do a simple check with an anonymous call to their office asking if they do speeding or dangerous driving to confirm if they are genuine specialists. Feel free to contact us with an anonymous phone call and we will turn away any non drink driving related cases!


Local firm vs National Firm

We are a national firm covering every Court in England and Wales. Local firms deal with the same prosecutors and Judges every day, and come under pressure to get their clients to plead guilty or risk becoming very unpopular in their local Court. As a national firm, we don’t have to worry about local politics. Your driving licence comes first every time.


Should I use a family friend or recommendation?

Do you really want to entrust your driving license to a family friend or recommendation when you can have the only firm in the Country dealing in drink driving cases and nothing else? The family friend might have legal experience but they are not likely to have the level of specialism which we have acquired over thousands of drink driving cases.


We’re less expensive than most of our competitors

Some firms charge astronomical fees for the same service we provide. The irony is we are more specialised than these other firms at a fraction of the cost. See our fees page for more details.


Spend just 5 to 10 minutes with us answering a few questions about your case and give yourself the possibility of avoiding a criminal record and driving ban.

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Spend just 5 to 10 minutes with us answering a few questions about your case and give yourself the possibility of avoiding a criminal record and driving ban.

We are open for calls any day until 9pm

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