The Gold Service

One of our lawyers on the Gold service, Philip Lucas, won all of his case for the firm in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

If you choose to be represented by Phillip then based on his success rate as at 01/09/18, there is a 9 in 10 chance you will keep your driving license and avoid a criminal record.

He uses tried and tested methods which involve highlighting failures in prosecution disclosure duties.

Most drink driving cases are won this way but many solicitors lack the necessary experience and will tell you there is no choice but to plead guilty.

A sample of these cases are set out below.

R v AP Stratford MC
The Court accepted the defence expert’s evidence that the machine was unreliable.

R v SR Feltham MC
The police failed to provide CCTV.

R v MW Redhill MC
The prosecution failed to serve a s.3 letter, CCTV and provided an incomplete MG DD/A, a schedule of unused material without the Defendant’s name and incorrect URN.

R v MP St Albans MC
The officer in the case failed to attend trial and did not produce a medical certificate confirming his unfitness to attend Court. Philip successfully opposed an attempt to adjourn.

R v SA Barkingside MC
The officer failed to review the unused material (the police must check if there is any evidence which may be useful to the defence). Despite sending a QC the prosecution dropped the case after persuasion from Philip.

R v VW Aldershot MC
The prosecution failed to provide CCTV.

R v RS Worcester MC
The schedule of unused material was incomplete, two witness statements were not served, there was no response to the client’s defence case statement, and no compliance with a disclosure order. Also the breath test booklet was served late. Adjournment successfully opposed.

R v SM Taunton MC
The prosecution conceded that CCTV from the breath test room had been deleted after a request to preserve this material by the defence.

R v TT Westminster MC
The prosecution failed to supply unused material.

R v RH Blackburn MC
The breath test operator failed to attend Court. The prosecution unsuccessfully applied to adjourn the case.

R v WS Chelmsford MC
The prosecution applied to adjourn the case as the operator had failed to attend Court. The printout was inadmissible as a legal letter had been sent rejecting this.

R v AK – Poole MC
There was a schedule of unused material which had never been served and contained no endorsements from the CPS.

R v ER – Loughborough MC
The prosecution offered no evidence after an adjournment request to obtain the original printout was refused.

R v SR – Bristol MC
No unused material in breach of two court directions with two reminders from the defence.

R v TF – Reading Crown Court
The prosecution failed to serve legible copies of data from the breath test machine.

R v RJ – Cheltenham MC
The prosecution had failed to supply the analytical pack on which the blood analysis was based.

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