‘I was arrested for Drink Driving being twice over the limit. I was upset with myself  for being so stupid and thought this was the end of my driving. I searched on the internet and found National Motoring Lawyers and after reading the Testimonials I gave them a ring. I received a call back within an hour and spoke to Gary Roberts. He advised that I had a case and strongly advised to contest it. Without much thought I decided to instruct National Motoring Lawyers to deal with my case. I had 2 hearings and a Trial. At the times I thought this is not going to go well and Gary Roberts always re-assured me to not give up.

At the Trial I had Barrister Laura Heywood she was amazing. I did not have to stand in the court room while she defended my case.  After an hour I was asked to go into the court room, the judge gave the verdict of Not Guilty and Laura Heywood got the agreement from the judge that I can claim my costs.  I was so thrilled and relieved that I got my life back in order. If it was not for National Motoring Lawyers I would have had a hefty ban between 17-22 months. I would definitely recommend National Motoring Lawyers.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Gary Roberts, Laura Heywood and all the team who contributed in making this happen.

Harry Sangha’


‘I was charged with Drink Driving and contacted the NML team. I found they were very well skilled in the charges and guided me through the process in a very professional way. On the court dates the team managed the whole process and also help me to stay calm. The result was that the case was dismissed. although the cost may be inhibiting I highly recommend the services of NML team. My Barrister on the day was Mr Lucas who in my experience is sensational. Well versed in all the legal information needed to present a solid defence.

As a result of this team I have no Ban or criminal record and can continue with my life

If you are in this unfortunate position then I cannot recommend enough to contact the NML team in the first instance.

Elesh Leicester’


‘I am embarrassed, ashamed of myself to say this, however I can’t, but to recognise and show my appreciations to the expert level of service I received at NML and at a reasonable cost in comparison to fees other firm of solicitors/lawyer were looking to charge. On this particular night, I was pulled by the police and I turned out to fail the road side drug swap test, I was arrested and charged the same night with failing to provide blood specimen, which is a very serious offence.

If you or anyone you know is in trouble with the law, facing a ban, loosing their drivers license, and looking for a defends lawyer, I will recommend that you make use of the services offered at NML, because their team of lawyer have an in depth knowledge of driving laws, understand the loop holes in the law to build a defence on your behalf.

Surprisingly on the day of my hearing, the CPS decided to discontinue – My case was dismissed.

I would like to say a big thank you to Sandra Cooper, Garry Roberts and Richard Berman for their mental and emotional support whenever we speak on the phone, whilst I was waiting on my hearing date to approach.

Mr Adebayo omoleye’


‘Just got the news today that my case was dropped due to not enough evidence.!! Making the decision to hire the guys at National Motoring Lawyers was more than worth it! They was there for me throughout the whole ordeal and I can now finally move on with my life and enjoy the summer. Thanks so much!! Plus they are going to claim all of my costs back. Recommend highly!!

Miss Jones’


‘I was charged with Drink Driving and contaced the National motoring lawyers. Spoke to Mr Gary Roberts always re- assured me that i had a case and strongly advised me conrest with it.

On the 4th of September 2018 got the new that my case was Dismissed due to nit enough evidence. As a result of this team and Mr Gary Roberts i have no Ban or Criminal Record and now i have peace of mind to continue with my life.
I can claim my cost back from the court through the National motoring lawyers.
I don’t know how to appreciate for all your support in my life and my family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Mr Gary Roberts and all the team who contributed in making this happened and i will always remember National motoring lawyers and also i would definitely recommend National motoring lawyers. Thanks once again and God bless you all.

Adetayo Adeniran’


‘I was arrested on suspicion of drink driving late 2017. I contacted NML immediately and was put at ease instantly.

Whilst it took 9 months to be brought to trial, NML were there every step of the way and eventually got the case dismissed.

Going through such a turbulent period is never a nice thing and it was amazing to have the support of them behind me.

They were always there to answer questions and update when needed. Their support staff and case workers were top notch and the lawyer that represented me in court was brilliant, not only tenacious but a very nice guy to boot.

I couldn’t have had the case dismissed without them as I was truly up against an ingnorant legal system.

My advice, even if you know if it seems like it’s an open and shut case where you should be found not guilty, trust me when I say contact NML because they will ensure that’s the way it stays.

Without their help, you’re a fish out of water.



‘Will be using these guys in the future if ever needed because of how well they handled my case. Very vigilant, efficient and supportive throughout – built a strong detailed case in my defence, keeping me well informed all the way through and always responded to my queries quickly. In the end we won the case without even getting to court because the prosecution dropped their case due to lack of evidence and due to the strength of ours. They helped me to prove my innocence with the least possible stress, So i thank them!

Mauro Demetrio’


‘I was pulled over and breathalysed by the Police, which gave a reading above the legal limit. I was racked with panic, as losing my licence would have serious ramifications for me, as I work in the building industry and need my vehicle as a necessity.
I call National Motoring Lawyers and spoke to Principle Lawyer Gary Roberts, who told me that I had a good chance of winning my case, once he outlined the defences that would be pursuit by NML on my behalf. He as brilliant and provided a calming and generous influence throughout.
Up to that point I was thinking more of damage-limitation that winning the charge against me.

To cut a stressful six months’ story short and after three court appearances, the prosecutions’ case was dismissed.
The relief and joy of keeping my licence, with no criminal record and increase insurance premiums, is understated.
The service, updates and legal jargon explained provided by my casework Paul who was fantastic, along with my Barrister Jay Lemosa, whose knowledge and expertise proved to be the telling factor in my case being dismissed.
If you feel that there is no hope for you, give NML a call. You have nothing to lose and every opportunity of keeping your licence, just like me.

I cannot thank NML enough for what they have done for me… It still feels surreal and would say to anyone who finds themselves in the position that I was in, that you do not have to go through this alone and that with NML, you are in safe hands.
Oh, just to add, I was awards cost.

Mr Morris’


‘I failed a road side breath test I was then arrested and charged with drink driving. After the hard work from national motering lywars I have walked away with a clean licence. I can’t thank them enough and my solicitor Ian who made me feel at ease in court it was my first ever charge and i have learnt from it. I didn’t think it would be possible to walk away with a licence never mind a clean one. Thank you NML

Leonie Ridley’


‘I’ve been stopped for drink and driving, after 2 glasses of house wine, I wasn’t drunk and the breathalysed shows differently, I’ve been arrested and spent the worst nightmare in my life, next day Sunday I contact NML, and discussed it with the principle. I had the best advice and the best 20 min conversation in this moment, I went to court and plead not guilty,as my solicitor and all the firm believed in me. After all the hard work from all the team my case was dismissed, the happiest person on that day was I. worth every penny, every e-mail, every conversation. I can not find words to Thank you and to wish you to carry on helping people like me… Outstanding service. Thank you all

Valentina Patrova’


‘I was arrested 3 months ago after I was driving to help a friend in an emergency when I was over the limit. I was advised to plead not guilty as there were some issues regarding police procedures and the fact I was attending an emergency. Whenever there were updates I was made aware, however there were times I felt like I could have heard from them more as often I wouldn’t hear for weeks and would have to keep emailing. I now understand that this is normal and it does sometimes take a while for paperwork to be served etc, however as someone who had never been in this situation before, I worried that I wasn’t being supported, so if I had been made aware that it’s normal to go a few weeks or so without an update it would have saved some of the stress! Regardless, whenever I emailed with concerns, my caseworker Dawn was great and always got back to me straight away with reassurance. I changed barristers a few times due to unforeseen circumstances on their end, however the barrister I had on the day, Laura, was incredible. One of the police witnesses didn’t show up, and Laura convinced the court to completely dismiss the case rather than adjourn and cause me more uncertainty and stress, bringing the worst few months of my life to a very quick end with no ban, fine or criminal record. If you ever find yourself in this situation, I would recommend NML (I had the platinum package which is very expensive but you do get what you pay for!).



‘What a service NML have provided. When charged with failure to provide a specimen of breath I genuinely believed there was no hope and that losing my licence was a foregone conclusion.

Calling NML was the best possible decision I could have made. From the get go they were very understanding and assured me it was worth fighting.

The end result is that the CPS have decided not to proceed with my case the week before trial.

Without David Houldcroft in particular I am certain this result would not be possible. David has been tenacious in my defence and he is so genuine and sincere I would recommend him to anyone. His track record speaks for itself but he really does take the stress away and deliver on his promises.

I wish everyone here a fantastic future and am so pleased I called them words cannot accurately articulate.

Karl Flanner’


‘MNL are the real deal
I was breathalysed at the roadside after an accident and because the airbags went off taken to hospital.At the hospital a blood sample was taken that later came back at 172( legal driving limit 80). In court 7 months later my case was dismissed I was free to leave with no criminal record and a clean licence.

Lucky!!!! to some extent but the result was mainly due to the professionalism, in depth knowledge of the motoring laws,attention to detail, and the hard work of the team at MNL who looked after my case.
If you are reading this you have probably been arrested for drink driving and think you have no defence , you will lose your licence ,your job etc.
Stop panicking and phone these guys to get a proper assessment of your position. They are not miracle workers but what they are is very good at what they do.Believe me they will leave no stone unturned in assessing and vigorously formulating your defence.

Whilst the team are very approachable and sympathetic to your position they are your lawyers not your psychiatrist. Keep the correspondence to legal matters, leave them to get on with the preparation of your defence and you will be guaranteed the best outcome for your particular case. From the detail of the evidence given in court to support my case, it is obvious that the team do a phenomenal amount of hard work behind the scenes to prepare the defence.
I spoke to half a dozen solicitors , both local and national specialists and chose NML . Why?
In the initial telephone call

They didn’t tell me it was a no hope case. ( some did)

They didn’t make false promises but did explain various reasons there may be a defence . Some law firms were very one dimensional in their approach to a defence case.

They did explain the cost structure and more importantly did stick to it throughout the case with no hidden charges.

So don’t give up in despair give them a call. I did and I cant recommend them highly enough

David D’


‘I really want to thank national motoring Lawyers team principal Mr Gary Roberts , Paul and Sandra Cooper For your efforts .special thanks to Mr Richard berman , his a top top barrister and expert in my case . The way he dealt with cps incompetency was stunning and unbelievable . I really appreciated your efforts thanks once again.

Please Don’t not hesitate to use National motoring Lawyer’s services , if you unfortunately been caught driving driving you won’t regret letting them defending your case . once again special thanks and appreciation from bottom of Heart goes to Sandra cooper and Barrister Richard Berman you guys saved my life

Dayo Akins’


‘Got the news that my case was dropped due to not enough evidence.!! Making the decision to hire the guys at National Motoring Lawyers was more than worth it! They was there for me throughout the whole ordeal and I can now finally move on with my life. A special thanks to Paul who was my case worker who guided me through each process and put my mind at ease with each and every query I had.Plus they are going to claim all of my costs back. Recommend highly!!



‘Just got news from casework said my husband’s case be end because of cps don’t have enough evidence.we are so happy to share this good news.tks everyone from this company.tks to Robert Gary.tks to casework Paul and Amanda.tks to the lawyer Sandra cooper.



‘Case dropped due to No evidence from the CPS

Junaid Mahomed’


‘I am so happy with the service I received from national motoring lawyers for my husbands case as it was discontinued. I am very thankful to my caseworker Paul , Sandra cooper and mr Eugene Mac Laughlin and Gary Roberts .i thank them and wish them every happiness in future.god bless the entire team.i definitely recommend them from my experience.thanks

As Ub’


‘Last week my case was dropped at Stratford Court mainly due to the police failing to provide enough evidence in time but it wasn’t that straight forward.
I would like to thank the team at NML for keeping my spirits up during the worst 4 months of my life and when I felt that all was lost Ms Heywood took the time to explain my options and told me to remain optimistic.
A very special thanks to Mr Eugene MacLaughlin, who on the day had to think hard on his feet but his professionalism, experience and brilliant mind saved my licence and quite frankly changed my life.

Ms R D’


‘i still got my licence!
they done their best to keep my licence after failing to provide specimen.
i would highly reccoment NML.

Emir Kilic’


‘Opted for the gold service from this firm and every single penny was worth the cost. Had Sandra reviewing the case files, she’s such a lovely, down to earth lady who knows what she’s doing. Also had David Houldcroft as my barrister, what a strong combination!! David has many strategies up his sleeve and delivers a quality service. My case was thrown out due to insufficient evidence. It’s been a pleasure to have a strong team working on my side.. would strongly recommend this firm..



‘Case dismissed today. Great work by the NML team specially by Ms Heywood in prepping the case and Dawn for answering all my questions. Big thanks also to Mr Brookes, Mr Berman and Mr Lucas the three Barristers who represented me on the three different occasions. They were top class. Definitely recommend these guys!



‘Excellent service, would always recommend!



‘With a case of ‘fail to provide’ and it potentially being a 2nd conviction, I knew I needed to do something and do something fast. I decided to seek legal advice and called several companies but decided to go with NML, due to Gary putting me at ease and assuring me about possible defences. The team worked so hard on my case and finally I received my outcome. The outcome is, two days ago my case was dropped. I had panic and fear I would have to go to trial but NML did their best in making sure that they fought for me and my license. To be honest, I’m still in shock. If you have any driving charges against you, don’t hesitate to call and hire NML.
Gary, Paul and Ms Heywood are all amazing, qualified, effective and diligent. You wont regret it!

Ms CP’


‘I honestly cannot thank them enough for what they did. I was facing a 17-22 month ban and walked out of court with my license after having the case dismissed due to a technicality. James Brookes was truly amazing on the first hearing and Jay Lamosa was fantastic on the trial day. Sandra Cooper was brilliant, especially when I was asking 21 questions every other day! Honestly, if you’re in need of a solicitor then NML are perfect, worth every penny and I’m getting costs back! Win win!



‘I trusted NML to deal with my drink driving case. They were very professional, from initial enquiry and got my case thrown out of court before the trial. Definitely worth using NML.

Mr AP’


‘Drunk in charge case dropped the day before my hearing due to lack of evidence. Very good service from start to finish from everyone involved. I didn’t think I stood a chance but was proved very wrong.

Many thanks for your help!

Mr SO’


‘Exceptional Service, Honest, Professional and Compassionate ’


‘I was arrested for Drink Driving being twice over the limit. I was upset with myself  for being so stupid and thought this was the end of my driving. I searched on the internet and found National Motoring Lawyers and after reading the Testimonials I gave them a ring. I received a call back within an hour and spoke to Gary Roberts. He advised that I had a case and strongly advised to contest it. Without much thought I decided to instruct National Motoring Lawyers to deal with my case. I had 2 hearings and a Trial. At the times I thought this is not going to go well and Gary Roberts always re-assured me to not give up.

At the Trial I had Barrister Laura Heywood she was amazing. I did not have to stand in the court room while she defended my case.  After an hour I was asked to go into the court room, the judge gave the verdict of Not Guilty and Laura Heywood got the agreement from the judge that I can claim my costs.  I was so thrilled and relieved that I got my life back in order. If it was not for National Motoring Lawyers I would have had a hefty ban between 17-22 months. I would definitely recommend National Motoring Lawyers.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Gary Roberts, Laura Heywood and all the team who contributed in making this happen.

Mr HS’


“the team at NML achieved and gave me back my life, a second chance, as this being my second offence in I would of received a minimum 3 year ban, if your license means the world to you, then
I would not doubt the team at NML to help you get the best and unbelievable outcome, its like a dream come true, I still have my license, no ban and costs likely to be awarded, case dismissed,
OUTSTANDING!! If you want another chance, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, use NML. As I still can’t believe my case is dismissed. I will never regret that phone call I made to Gary to
instruct the firm. Best decision in my life”.

Mrs A


“Hi – I would like to express my gratitude for all the support and work gone into fighting this case, with an exceptional result – thank you.  Special thanks to the barrister who represented me at the final trial – she did an excellent job and was phenomenal in representing me. She was evidently well prepared and knew the case inside-out, so thank you to the caseworkers and lawyers involved also as it would not have been possible without their preparation and efforts.  There’s one final matter – in relation to claiming legal expenses- which was agreed by the judge at the trial. Please let me know what is required, if anything, from me in order to submit and reclaim my legal expenses”

Mr S

“A year ago I was stopped for drink driving.  I found out later it was people who don’t like me and wanted to change my life. I was distraught, I don’t even have a parking fine.

So after searching through lots of websites,I  decided to ring nm lawyers.  I told my story and Gary whom I spoke to said I had a loophole, against the procedure, which the police carried out.  It was not correct.  So after a few cancelled court cases, which the police were not able to come to court.  Finally one year later I had my day.  After 4 hours at court I was found not guilty.  The Barrister was exceptional.  The whole team worked for me.  Would highly recommend, if you don’t want your whole life turning up side down.  Thank you nml”

Mrs J

“After my initial court hearing, July 2013, I was banned for driving whilst under the influence of alcohol for a period of 26 months, however, I decided to appeal the length of this ban.

With the help of National Motoring Lawyers my ban was reduced to a duration of 15 months after a successful appeal. With further valued assistance and guidance I opted to undertake a further drivers awareness course which reduced my overall ban by another 3 months and 3 weeks, into total my ban was reduced from 26 months to 11 months and 1 week an overall saving of virtually 14 months.

Driving is an integral part of my working life and without the help of National Motoring Lawyers I would not have been able to resume my career as early as I did.

National Motoring Lawyers provided a prompt, efficient and friendly service offering great advice and support throughout the duration of my case.”

Mr P

“Today my case was dismissed. Thank you (and your colleagues) for all of your efforts as I am certain that I wouldn’t have avoided a driving ban without the support of National Motoring Lawyers and Rachael Sewell.”

Mr S

“Having spoken to a high street solicitor and been told I will get a 18 month ban reduced by a quarter if I am lucky enough to be offered a drink driving awareness course, I was desperate. A friend went online for me and came across National Motoring Lawyers. I emailed them and was called back within 5 minutes. I told my story to Gary and after a 10 minute conversation he told me he was confident that I could walk away with 10 points and a fine. I had fresh hope. It went to court and with a brilliant barrister, provided by NML – Dickon Edwards, it went exactly as Gary said. NML, Gary and Dickon gave me back my life and I can’t thank them enough. I would not hesitate to recommend the company to anyone. Nothing short of amazing!!”

Ms R

“After being arrested for Drink Driving, I thought I could kiss goodbye to my licence, career and future job prospects. I felt I had to fight the case as it was not clear cut so contacted National Motoring Lawyers and they took my case on. They were professional throughout and provided me with an excellent barrister for my trial in court, where I was found not guilty. I can not thank Gary and Donna enough for their help, they gave me my life back. I would also like to thank the barrister Clare Reed for representing me so well in court. I would recommend these guys to anyone, am so glad I contacted them.”

Mr W

“I would like to thank National Motoring Lawyers for all their help and assistance with my drink driving case. The advice I received from the outset was extremely helpful and very positive. The two court appearances were dealt with in a very professional manner and the Barrister, Ms Gwawr Thomas was fantastic at the trial. Ms Thomas was fully prepared and argued the points fantastically. The end result is I have not lost my driving licence and the matter is now at an end. I cannot thank Gary, Donna and all the team at National Motoring Lawyers enough”

Mr M

“I will happily recommend anybody accused of motoring offences to the team at National-Motoring-Lawyers. My case was a difficult one but the effort and determination applied ensured a great result. I would like to thank to Mr Rupert Myers as well who represented me as a barrister in court. I could keep my driving license and got the money back as well. In short I received a first class service from start to finish.”

Ms S

“Efficient professional service where the advice given is encouraging and correct. Plus an second to none barrister service. Very recommended.”

Mr R

“I was very satisfied with the way Gary and his team at national motoring lawyers represented my drink driving case, the case was regarding a police procedural error on my urine sample taking. Gary had picked up on this police error from the first phone call I made to him, he then explained to me very efficientlly and clearly the way we were going to challenge this case.

The end result after 2 court hearing was not guilty. I can confidentlly say that I would recommend national motoring lawyers to any one who has been charged with a drink driving offence, and would always recommend them to my family and friends as 1st choice.”

Mr A

“Dear Gary and Donna,

I would like to express my gratitude for your excellent help with my wife’s case. Having been stopped and breathalized moving her car in a private car park she was charged and faced a 17-22 month ban as well as a fine. Thanks to your professional help the charge was dismissed and costs awarded! I can only start to describe the relief at the distress and inconvenience this has avoided. I would never hesitate to recommend your service. Thank you so much.”

Mr S

“Well today was one of the most difficult and distressing days of my life, and something I never ever want to repeat.

However, I can not thank your firm enough for not making me feel worse than I already do.
The lawyer you sent to assist me with my case was amazing, kind, professional,and basically wonderful overall,I do not think that I could have got through the day without Mr Wingfield.
Please pass on my very sincere thanks to Mr Wingfield for all his help and support.
Can I also take this opportunity to thank you and your team, they have really looked after me and prepared me for todays hearing.”

Ms W

“Dear Gary and team,

I can not Thank you enough for the help and advice you have given me from day 1 of my ordeal. You and my barrister (Andy Locke) have been so great. Andy made me feel confident and positive that we would get a good outcome. Andy knew exactly what he was talking about and it was evident from meeting him he was very knowledgeable about drink driving law. I would be more than happy to recommend Andy and national motoring lawyers to anybody, they are extremely good value and produce exceptional results.
I am 21 years old and work as an estate agent so my car is vital for my occupation, i was driving home from a bar and got pulled over and failed the breath test. Upon arrival at the police station I blew 63 micro grammes per 100ml of alcohol. This sort of reading would usually result in a 17 – 22 month ban. But thanks to Andy and National Motoring Lawyers they managed to get the ban to 12 months with a months with a £400 fine. I have no community service to do either, the court offered me the option to do a rehabilitation course which will reduce my ban to only 9 months.
National Motoring Lawyers made the procedure as easy as possible for me, explaining everything to me along the way, they were easy to contact and service was excellent. They provided an exceptional barrister for me who got me the lowest possible ban that one can get in a drink driving conviction. I went into court expecting 18 months and to leave with only 9 months is amazing. I am extremely thankful for all your hard work and will recommend you to everybody!”

Mr W

“Despite only moving my car 40 metres late at night I still ended up with a drink driving charge and the probability of losing my license for a year. Gary said that they could try and defend me by making a case for special reasons. And so it was that Micaila built up the case and David Hunter was my Barrister at Court. It had been a very worrying few weeks but in the end the panel agreed that special reasons had been proved and I was given an absolute discharge. I was over the moon and owe a huge thanks to David (who did brilliantly in Court), Micaila and all the National Motoring Lawyers team.”

Mr L

“Dear Gary, Donna and all members of staff

I am writing to thank you all very much for helping me to keep my license.
I chose to engage you following very depressing visits to local solicitors who all said my keeping my license was not possible given my circumstances.
You were the only people that took an interest in me and my circumstances and started fighting from the word go. You were totally professional and empathetic, often going beyond the call of duty to comfort me in what was a very stressful time.
Myself and my two young children thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Warmest regards”

Mr H

“Excellent Service – value for money. Good advice. Polite, knew what they were talking about.”

Mr T

“Just writing to say thank you for the standard of service you offered to me for my court case today, I arrived at court at 1.15pm for a 2.00pm hearing to find my lawyer Cathy Mitchell, already there, she presented my case brilliantly in court, and as a result, mainly thanks to her, i recieved a 238 pounds fine and 5 points on my licence, but more importantly no driving ban. i would recommend your company to anyone. once again many thanks.”

Mr Y

“I would like to thank you and Naomi for handling my case so professionally and in such a caring manner. Naomi put me at ease as soon as we met and she was so efficient please pass on my thanks to her. I was always able to get in contact with you and was treated with professionalism and care.”

Ms D

“Courteous and efficient to deal with.”

Mr E

“I got the best result I could considering my guilty plea. Instead of the 17 to 22 months ban I only got 12 with the chance to get 3 months off if I do the awareness course. The fine was also kept to a minimum. This was all down to the case that miss Parsons put forward, so my thanks to her, she did a great job. My thanks to you as well.”

Mr G

“Thank you for your assistance in this manner. You and your team have been very helpfull. the result was 6 points and a £565 fine. If you could pass this on to your barrister as he was extremly helpful.”

Mr A

“I would just like to express my thanks for your support and professional services during my recent court case. I had been charged with my second drink driving conviction and had a high reading and was very worried and concerned about the outcome. I would like to say that your services were very professional from my first phone call to the final representation in court with a highly experienced Barrister. It was great that there was someone there to speak to on the phone prior to the court date with any questions l had during this stressful time. I would like to highly recommend your services to anyone in similar situations”

Mr B

“I just want thank you for today’s results, which was fantastic. I found it hard to believe the barrister at first when he told me he was able to persuade the court the drop the charge. I also want to thank you for the fast and efficient manner you dealt with my case as it was unusually complicated. Thank you.”

Mr M

“Hi Gary would just like 2 thankyou 4 ur help in my brother’s case and please pass on my thanks 2 the barrister as we’re all delighted at the outcome once again Gary thank you very much. Would like to thank everybody involved in my case, which was handled sensitively and professionally, my solicitor was excellent getting me a top barrister, I was delighted with the outcome. Thank you very much”

Mrs G

“Just to say thank-you for your professional service. My brief on the day was able to listen to my concerns and present an excellent case to the magistrate and the result is I am not banned from driving. My advice is not to go to court without the right representation.”

Mr L

“Thank you very much for all your help regarding my case, a fine and 6 points was a lot better than losing my licence for 3 years.”

Mr M

“Great from start to finish. Well informed and filled me with confidence. Many thanks,”

Mr C

“I would recommend Mr Gary Roberts and Ms Donna Abram. I would explain how they were extremely helpful in my particular case and helped me achieve the best possible outcome.”

Mr S

“Very helpful up-front advice prior to taking on the case. Subsequent support great and frank advice on possible outcomes of the case spot on.”

Mr R

“It made me feel very reassured to have expert legal representation for my case, I had a previous conviction for drink driving 6 years ago, so I was looking at minimum 3 year ban. From the start I felt like Gary really knew what he was doing, he questioned me in detail about what happened and I was sure that if there was a way to defend my case we would find it. In the end the charges against me were dropped before my bail date. The staff were polite and courteous and very prompt to give me the good news. I would definitely recommend National Motoring Lawyers to anyone who finds them self in the situation I have just been through.”

Mr L