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Backlog in cases reaches 480,000 from covid-19

Law Society Gazette article 26 June 2020 https://www.lawgazette.co.uk/news/magistrates-court-backlog-reaches-484000/5104780.article Magistrates’ courts face a backlog of over 480,000 cases, according to new figures laying bare the devastating impact of coronavirus on...

Getting charges withdrawn under new CPS covid-19 guidance

New Crown Prosecution Service guidance requires prosecutors to consider dropping charges to reduce the backlog of cases from the Covid-19 outbreak (480,000 cases as at 26/06/20). The CPS in their April 2020 interim guidance (set out below) have acknowledged the...

March 2020 Newsletter

We have set out below details of successful cases this month which show how the firms strategies are used to pursue dismissal of the charges where the police fail to manage the case properly before the trial. Other issues include non-attendance of prosecution...

Breath Samples

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Blood Specimens

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Driving under the Influence

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