Newsletter 4 – Sample Cases 2018/19

Blog We have set out below a selection of cases successfully defended in 2018/19 in which all clients avoided a mandatory driving ban and most were awarded legal fees to be reimbursed.   North Tyneside MC – R v RJ One of our reviewing lawyers Laura Heywood...

Police laboratory subject to ransom claim

Month: July 2019 Another case demonstrating the opportunities to challenge the integrity of evidential specimens. This time Eurofins who work on thousands of cases for the police each year have had weaknesses in their data security systems...

Data Protection Policy

Data Protection and Privacy Policy INTRODUCTION Welcome to National Motoring Lawyers privacy notice. National Motoring Lawyers respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data. This privacy notice will inform you as to how we look after your...

BBC News article about police disclosure failings

Month: July 2017 This BBC news article talks about inefficiencies in the police service and how this can result in charges being dismissed against the defendant. Taken from BBC news website 18/07/17 ‘Police and prosecutors are causing delays and undermining...

Breath Samples

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Blood Specimens

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Urine Specimens

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Driving under the Influence

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Drunk in Charge

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Fail to Provide Cases

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